M3M Group signs Rs 45,000-crore MoUs at ‘Happening Haryana’

GURGAON: The M3M group, a leading real estate developer here, on Tuesday said it has signed memoranda of understanding worth Rs.45,365 crore with the government of Haryana, at its ongoing global investor conclave here.

The first of the three MoUs involves an investment of Rs.9,000 crore for the development of large clusters of low-cost housing as part of the Prime Minister’s Hosing Scheme. The second for Rs.2,000 crore is to be invested in developing IT park and special zones.

“Then, Rs.26,000 crore will be invested in building a new smart city in Gurgaon envisioned to become a model for ‘smart city’ concept for the nation,” the company said, adding the memoranda were signed chairman Basant Bansal before Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khatter.

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